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Strategies for Policing Innovation

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), in collaboration with CNA, is pleased to announce that SPI will now be known as Strategies for Policing Innovation. The Strategies for Policing Innovation program is a collaborative effort among the Bureau of Justice Assistance, CNA, state and local law enforcement agencies, and researchers. It is designed to assist agencies with identifying innovative and evidence-based solutions to effectively and efficiently tackle chronic crime problems in their jurisdictions. In October 2017, SPI launched this new website, which features information, findings, research, and tools from SPI sites across the nation. We hope interested users find this newly designed website to be a useful resource as they learn about innovative policing strategies.

Innovation Highlight

SPI has 15 publications on lessons learned from past SPI projects. They include topics such as challenges to implementation, gun violence, hot spot policing, and prescription drug abuse. What could you learn? Check them out!