SPI Subject Experts

Subject Expert Name Subject Expert Affiliation Subject Expertise
Brenda Bond Suffolk University Police and organizational performance, application of organizational theory to police policy and practice, organizational change, systematic approaches to organizational and community challenges
Christopher Bruce Independent Consultant Crime analysis, records management systems, data management, spatial statistics, qualitative and quantitative problem solving strategies, data-driven approaches to crime and traffic safety, CompStat
Scott Decker Independent Consultant Research and evaluation, offender targeting/strategies, gangs
John E. Eck University of Cincinnati Crime prevention, place-based policing, research and analysis
Natalie Hipple Indiana University Violence reduction, incident reviews, researcher-police partnerships, research and evaluation, intelligence-led policing
Bruce Johnson Nicasa Behavioral Health Services Behavioral health, substance abuse disorders
Laura Kunard CNA Mental health strategies, crisis intervention team approaches, procedural justice, law enforcement training and leadership
Edmund McGarrell Michigan State University Research and evaluation, intelligence-led policing, crime prevention, offender-focused strategies, strategic planning
Harold E. Medlock, Jr. Independent Consultant, Fayetteville N.C. Police Department Chief of Police (Retired) Crime prevention, Community, community outreach and collaboration, law enforcement training and leadership, training
Hildy Saizow Independent Consultant Community outreach, corrections, crime analysis, drug crime, juvenile justice, race and criminal justice, research and evaluation, stakeholder engagement, strategic planning