SPI Overview

Site Name Site Cohort Site Researcher Site Focus Site Strategy
Lowell, Massachusetts 2016 Robin Toof, Ph.D., Wilson Palacios, Ph.D., Melissa Morabito, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts at Lowell and Brenda Bond, Ph.D., Suffolk University Opioid Overdoses, Property Crime Multi-agency collaboration, Problem-oriented policing
Madison, Wisconsin 2016 Aleksandra Zgierska, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Prescription Drug Abuse Problem-oriented policing
Memphis, Tennessee 2009 Richard Janikowski, Ph.D., University of Memphis Robbery, Burglary Place-based policing, Offender-based policing
Miami Beach, Florida 2015 Barak Ariel, Ph.D., Cambridge University Body Worn Cameras
Miami, Florida 2014 Rob Guerette, Ph.D., Florida International University Personal Deployment Strategies, Clearance Rates Predictive policing, Hot spot policing
Michigan State Police 2011 Merry Morash, Ph.D., Michigan State University Organizational Change Evidence-based policing
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2015 Bryce Peterson, Ph.D. & Daniel Lawrence, Ph.D., Urban Institute Body-worn cameras Data-driven policing, community engagement
New Haven, Connecticut 2011 Chris Sedelmeier, Ph.D., University of New Haven, Criminal Justice Violent Crime Evidence-based policing, Hot spot policing
Palm Beach County, Florida 2009 Debra L. Ainbinder, Ph.D., Lynn University Robbery Victim-based policing
Pharr, Texas 2011 S. George Vincentnathan, Ph.D., and Lynn Vincentnathan, Ph.D., University of Texas Pan American Domestic Violence Technology implementation