SPI Overview

Site Name Site Cohort Site Researcher Site Focus Site Strategy
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2009 Jerry Ratcliffe, Temple University, Department of Criminal Justice Violent Crime Foot patrol, Problem-solving, Offender-focused policing
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2014 Jerry Ratcliffe, Ph.D., Temple University Violent Crime Intelligence-led policing
Phoenix, Arizona 2011 Charles Katz, Ph.D., Arizona State University Technology Implementation Body-worn cameras, Data-driven policing
Phoenix, Arizona 2015
Pinellas County, Florida 2015 Scott Young, Ph.D., and Beom Lee, Ph.D., University of South Florida Mental Health Disorder Crisis intervention teams, Multi-agency collaboration
Port St. Lucie, Florida 2012 Rachel Boba Santos, Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice Repeat Offenders, Organizational Change Institutionalization of offender-based and evidence-based policing
Portland, Oregon 2014 Kris Henning, Ph.D., Brian Renauer, Ph.D., and Kimberly Kahn, Ph.D., Portland State University Violent Crime Hot spot policing, High-visibility policing
Pullman, Washington 2011 Michael Gaffney, J.D., Zachary Hays, Ph.D., Washington State University Violent Crime Place-based policing, Offender-based policing
Reno, Nevada 2009 Emmanuel Barthe, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno, Department of Criminal Justice Prescription Drug Abuse Offender-based policing, Problem-oriented policing
Roanoke County, Virginia 2015 Sue-Ming Yang, Ph.D., and Charlotte Gill, Ph.D., George Mason University Center for Evidence-Based Crime Police (CEBCP) Mental Health Disorder Evidence-based interventions for mentally ill, Multi-agency collaboration