SPI Overview

Site Name Site Cohort Site Researcher Site Focus Site Strategy
Palm Beach County, Florida 2009 Debra L. Ainbinder, Ph.D., Lynn University Robbery Victim-based policing
Pasco County, Florida 2018 Bryanna Fox, Ph.D., University of South Florida Violent crime and criminal activity associated with the opioid epidemic Offender-based policing, Focused deterrence, Multi-agency collaboration, Intelligence-led policing
Pharr, Texas 2011 S. George Vincentnathan, Ph.D., and Lynn Vincentnathan, Ph.D., University of Texas Pan American Domestic Violence Technology implementation
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2009 Jerry Ratcliffe, Temple University, Department of Criminal Justice Violent Crime Foot patrol, Problem-solving, Offender-focused policing
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2014 Jerry Ratcliffe, Ph.D., Temple University Violent Crime Intelligence-led policing
Phoenix, Arizona 2011 Charles Katz, Ph.D., Arizona State University Technology Implementation Body-worn cameras, Data-driven policing
Phoenix, Arizona 2015
Phoenix, Arizona 2019 Charles Katz, Ph.D., Arizona State University’s Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety Gun Crime Technological Innovation
Pinellas County, Florida 2015 Scott Young, Ph.D., and Beom Lee, Ph.D., University of South Florida Mental Health Disorder Crisis intervention teams, Multi-agency collaboration
Port St. Lucie, Florida 2012 Rachel Boba Santos, Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice Repeat Offenders, Organizational Change Institutionalization of offender-based and evidence-based policing