In addition to SPI's training and technical assistance and outreach activities, our team has also collated a library of resources related to SPI's core principles. We continually add to this library, which includes over 400 individual resources. These resources are tagged by both major and sub-categories, as seen in the menu. You can browse all resources in a particular category by selecting an item from the menu.  Recently added resources can be found on the SPI website home page and a random selection of resources is listed in the table below as an example of the resources available in our library.

You can also conduct keyword searches of the library using the search box on this page.

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Example Resources from Our Library

Resource Title Topic Categories
Building Bridges Between Police Researchers and Practitioners Outreach and Collaboration
Targeting Chronic and Costly Offenders Place-based Policing, Policing Strategies
Shifting and Sharing Responsibility for Public Safety Problems Community Policing, Outreach and Collaboration, Agency and Program Management, Policing Strategies
Problem Solving Checklists Problem-oriented Policing, Policing Strategies
Testing a Concept and Beyond: Can the Criminal Justice System Adopt a Nonblaming Practice? Agency and Program Management
The Las Vegas Body-Worn Camera Experiment: Research Summary Cost-benefit Analysis/Cost Effectiveness, Personnel, Performance Management, Agency and Program Management, Technology and Analytics
Impacts of Differing Shift Lengths Personnel, Performance Management, Agency and Program Management
Studying Deterrence Among High-Risk Adolescents Deterrence Strategies, Juvenile Crime, Crime
Integrating Crime Analysis Crime Analysis, Technology and Analytics
OVC Toolkit: Helping Victims of Mass Violence & Terrorism Community Policing, Violent Crime