Crime Analysis Case Studies

Crime Analysis Case Studies
Police Foundation and DOJ Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) (2008)
Greg Jones and Mary Malina
Crime Analysis Case Studies report cover

Crime analysis has gained significant momentum within the law enforcement community in the past decade. Many agencies have employed highly skilled analysts who contributed to the apprehension of criminal offenders and identification of important crime patterns and trends. Agencies have also benefited by the increased efficiency and effectiveness of analytical support to aid police in areas such as robbery, homicide, and burglary. With sustained support from leadership, crime analysts can provide useful and informative products that enhance police operations. This publication from the Police Foundation’s Crime Mapping and Problem Analysis Laboratory provides practical examples from four very different communities that showcase the utility of crime analysts and the type of analyses that can be achieved given the proper training, skills, and leadership.

The report includes four crime analysis case studies, listed here:

Bullying in Chula Vista

  • Author: Melanie Culuko
  • Agency of interest: Chula Vista (California)Police Department

Reducing Crime in a Mobile Home Community

  • Author: Sally Ainsworth
  • Agency of interest: Weld County (Colorado) Sheriff’s Office

Rusty’s Last Chance

  • Author: Susan C Smith
  • Agency of interest: Shawnee (Kansas) Police Department

Project Centurion

  • Author: Chris Pycroft
  • Agency of interest: Isle of Man, British Isles