Focused Deterrence: High Point, North Carolina

Reducing Group Related Violent Crime through Focused Deterrence: High Point, North Carolina Overview of the Model
High Point, North Carolina Police Department
North Carolina Police Department

The City of High Point, North Carolina, has successfully implemented focused deterrence approaches to reduce violent gun crime for thirteen years. Based on systematic and thorough problem identification, the High Point Police Department (HPPD) and their community counterpart, the High Point Community Against Violence (HPCAV), have worked together with Professor David Kennedy of John Jay College of Criminal Justice to develop and implement this strategy to reduce violent crime associated with chronic, repeat offenders. Through systematic problem identification in 2008 HPPD identified group driven armed robberies as a priority for enforcement and developed a comprehensive and strategic focused deterrence initiative to apply to group driven violent crime in the city. This model incorporates problem identification and multiple strategic interventions.