Sustainable Policing Project

Sustainable Policing Project Phase 2 Report


Scottish Policing Board, Papers from Meeting 7 (March 2011)


Scottish Policing Board

Background and Aim:

  1. The police service in Scotland has delivered strong performance in recent years, with crime rates at a 32-year low.
  2. The Scottish Government is now facing unprecedented financial pressure, with the need to make savings prompting a fundamental re-think of how a range of services are delivered. This budget pressure has forced the question of whether the existing policing model, based around eight forces1 with limited inter-force collaboration, is the most effective and efficient model for Scotland.
  3. The aim of this project has been to determine how Scottish policing should respond to this situation. It has sought to identify a model of policing that will be sustainable in the long term, delivering policing services to a high standard in the most cost-effective way possible.

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