Trends and Issues: Intelligence-led Policing

Trends and Issues: Intelligence-led Policing


Australian Institute of Criminology: Trends & Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice No. 248 (April 2003)


Jerry H. Ratcliffe

This paper is timely, given that policing is currently going through a period of significant change in both operational tactics and organisational structures. New ideas in crime reduction and changes to short- and long-term policing strategies are underway. Intelligence-led policing represents a recent approach and is one of the more prevalent of the current "shifts in crime control philosophy and policing practice" (Maguire 2000). Surprisingly given the wide distribution of the term "intelligence-led policing", considerable confusion remains in regard to its actual meaning to both front-line officers and police management. This paper provides and introduction to intelligence-led policing and discusses some of the related limitations and opportunities. - Adam Graycar (Director)

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