Cambridge, Massachussetts

Reducing Crime with Problem-Solving and Predictive Analytics

Cambridge Police Patch

Site LE Agency
Cambridge Police Department

Site Researcher
Craig D. Uchida, Ph.D., Marc Swatt, Ph.D., Julie Schnobrich-Davis, Ph.D., Christine Connor, and Mariel Shutinya, Justice & Security Strategies, Inc.

Site Focus
Gun Violence

SPI Strategy
Predictive policing

Site Cohort

Site Profile
Mid-sized urban area of 6.39 sq. miles with a population of 105,803

Project Overview

The Cambridge, MA Police Department (CPD) developed an innovative, data-driven approach to contemporary crime problems, such as gang and gun violence, in the greater Boston area, including the cities of Everett and Somerville. The three agencies established the Regional Analytics for the Safety of Our Residents (RASOR). RASOR was a unique approach to focused deterrence programs that included innovative roles for law enforcement, a collaboration of several jurisdictions, and data-driven approaches and strategies to identify and target offenders. The dedicated staff focused on the implementation design, role of case management, engagement practices, intensive monitoring, and establishing partnerships among various agencies. Many study findings were, however, found to not be statistically significant and revealed the need for future studies on the relationship between dosage and impact.

Data Highlight

  • Cohorts experienced considerable differences in officer-case management minutes. Cohorts 1, 2, and 3 experienced 706.8, 58.4, and 37.6 minutes respectively.
  • Results suggest that the effectiveness of focused deterrence may be related to the amount of time spent by officers in case management activities, however many findings were not statistically significant.
  • The final report identified the need for future studies to examine the relationship between dosage and study impact.