Chula Vista, California

Reducing Repeat Domestic Violence Through Offender- and Patrol-Based Strategies

Front of the Chula Vista Police Department building

Chula Vista Badge

Site LE Agency
Chula Vista Police Department

Site Researcher
Deborah Weisel, Ph.D., North Carolina Central University

Site Focus
Domestic Violence

SPI Strategy
Problem-oriented policing

Site Cohort

Site Profile
Mid-sized urban area of 49.63 sq. miles with a population of 255,073

Project Overview

In 2012, the City of Chula Vista Police Department (CVPD) officers spent more than 8,100 hours responding to more than 3,600 domestic violence (DV) and domestic disturbance (DD) calls. The number of DV/DD calls in the city exceeded the combined total of all robbery, residential burglary, vehicle theft, and vehicle burglary calls. Although the raw number of all calls to CVPD declined 14 percent, the number of DV calls remained essentially unchanged prior to SPI intervention. In response, CVPD decided to incorporate a focused-deterrence approach to enhance patrol responses in hot spot DV/DD call areas and engage community stakeholders in the process. The initiative was evaluated through a quasi-experimental study.

Data Highlight

  • Many domestic disturbance (DD)/domestic violence (DV) calls for service are repeat calls involving the same offenders, victims, and places.
  • Preliminary findings show that the intervention resulted in a significant drop in DV crimes at treatment locations.