Miami, Florida

Using Predictive Crime Modeling to Reduce Auto Theft and Robberies

Miami Police Badge

Site LE Agency
Miami Police Department

Site Researcher
Rob Guerette, Ph.D., Florida International University

Site Focus
Personal Deployment Strategies, Clearance Rates

SPI Strategy
Predictive policing, Hot spot policing

Site Cohort

Site Profile
Mid-sized urban area of 35.87 sq. miles with a population of 421,996

Project Overview

The purpose of the City of Miami Police Department’s Miami Intelligence and Analytics Project (MIA) Strategies for Policing Innovation Initiative is to improve the quality of life and safety for the City’s residents, businesses, and visitors by improving the department’s analytical capacity to address property crime. To accomplish this, the Miami SPI will: partner with the local university, Florida International University (FIU), to develop a standardized training curriculum for all investigators and crime analysts; create a public / private ongoing partnership where Criminology Ph.D. students work and assist our analysts and investigators to develop analytical reports and actionable intelligence; and focus our enforcement and investigative efforts on property crimes to focus on an area that historically received insufficient investigative attention in the city but directly impacts the quality of life of our city’s residents and visitors.

Data Highlight

  • Rapid growth in the City of Miami led to greater than 67 percent increases in calls for service in some areas, in addition to notable displacement of crimes.
  • The Miami Police Department (MPD) had a below-average clearance rate for violent crimes—35.5 percent, compared with the 2012 national average of 46.8 percent.
  • MPD SPI aimed to enable better force deployment decisions and higher clearance rates through enhanced data use.