Emerging Issues in American Policing, Volume 7

Emerging Issues in American Policing, Volume 7
Vera Institute of Justice
Rebecca Neusteter, Mawia Khogali, & Megan O'Toole
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The Vera Institute of Justice’s Policing Program develops the quarterly digest Emerging Issues in American Policing to deliver information on innovations in the field of policing to police-practitioners and community members. Vera’s Policing Program gathers the material presented in the digest from leading academic journals and research publications, compiling them for easy access and analysis by justice professionals.

The latest edition of the digest, Emerging Issues in American Policing, Volume 7, focuses on topics including:

  • Reviewing mental health calls in a rural police department;
  • Assessing government reliance on fines and fees, as related to clearance rates, police behavior, and public safety;
  • Addressing racial disparities in traffic stops;
  • Evaluating the impact of body-worn cameras on procedural justice;
  • Providing crisis intervention training for youth; and
  • Examining the impact of police agency size on officer stress.

Through the quarterly digest, Vera presents different perspectives on how practitioners discuss policing and its impacts. To browse more policing topics, access the online archive of digests.