SPI Findings

2020 SPI Map and Findings graphic

Learn more about SPI site successes as it relates to gun violence, violence reduction, technology, mental health, and opioid abuse through our SPI Successes One-Pagers or using the below table.

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SPI Findings

SiteImplementationResearch Design & FindingsTopic
Rochester, NY2012

The Rochester SPI intervened in retaliatory gun violence.

  • Developed a formal process to document, analyze, and disseminate information about potentially violent retaliatory disputes (including shooting incident data and conducting focus groups).
  • Created an on-scene dispute assessment tool to characterize incidents by retaliation risk.
  • Deployed investigative, place-based, and offender-based interventions for high-risk violent-retaliatory disputes.
Research Design

Examination of descriptive statistics, correlation coefficients, and logistic regression models.


The evaluation validated the risk assessment tool as a predictive device: for every one-point increase in the assessment tool score that a dispute received, the odds of violence occurring in that dispute over time increase by 29%.

Gun Violence, Violence Reduction
Savannah, GA2009

The Savannah SPI addressed increases in violent crime rates through the Savannah Impact Project (SIP), an intensive reentry and monitoring program focused on high-risk offenders.  

  • Identified hot spots and repeat violent offenders through data analysis to address specific problems.
  • Collaborated with police, parole, and probation to provide intensive case management.
  • Included “wrap-around services” providing treatment and offender reentry services.
Research Design

Pre-post impact analysis, assessment of service provision


16% reduction in violent crime at the Central Precinct (target area).

Exploratory analyses found that providing services could reduce the likelihood of future crimes.

Interviews concluded that SIP was effective because of the multi-agency collaboration and ability to balance treatment and enforcement approaches.

Violence Reduction