Saginaw, Michigan

Saginaw police department facility

Saginaw Police Patch

Site LE Agency
Saginaw Police Department

Site Researcher
Scott Wolfe, Ph.D., Michigan State University

Site Focus
Violent Crime

SPI Strategy
Community Policing, Problem-Oriented Policing, Focused Deterrence

Site Cohort

Site Profile
Small urban area of 18.10 sq. miles with a population of 51,508

Project Overview

The city of Saginaw has seen violent crime increase to more than four times the national average. There are three major street gangs who are responsible for many of these acts, including a 2016 ten-week period of retaliatory violence which resulted in six homicides and 18 persons shot. Research has shown that restoring trust, improving cooperation, and engaging in police-community problem solving partnerships are key to violence reduction efforts. The Saginaw Police Department plans to implement front porch roll calls in Saginaw neighborhoods and utilize a victim services specialist, offender notification meetings, and video surveillance technology to reduce violent crime. This multi-pronged approach will be known as the Saginaw Initiative to Reduce Violence (SIRV).

Data Highlight

  • Saginaw reduced its police force 65% from 160 police officers in 1997, to its current level of 56 officers.
  • In 2017, Saginaw’s violent crime rate (1,568.3) was more than four times the national average (382.9) and its homicide rate (30.9) was almost six times the national average (5.3).
  • More than 75% of homicides committed from 2016-2018 were drug and/or gang related.